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    Because loyalty should be rewarded

    Our Horse & Kennel Warehouse rewards program is generous, simple and straightforward.
    Just shop with us, create your account and receive 1 point, for every dollar spent, in your Horse & Kennel Warehouse account.


    Now you can earn Horse & Kennel Dollars (Rewards Points) with every order you place through! In order to earn and track rewards you must sign up for an account. This is a quick and easy process that will save you time and money on your future orders.


    • 5% value credit on your purchase(s) available in your account. Basically $1 credit in your account for every $20 purchased.


    • You need to create an account at checkout or log into your account. Without an account, we have no way to assign accruing points to you.
    • Points are not accumulated through the purchase of, Gift Certificates, only via paid transactions through
    • Points are awarded on orders placed and remain pending until the order shipped. If your order is for $50 and only $30 are shipped, the points on the order total shipped become available to you.
    • Minimum 100 available points (or a $5 balance) are needed to redeem your credit.
    • There is no upper limit on points earned ... want to have 10 million points? Be our guest :-)
    • Your points credit balance is available at checkout (when logged in) as a full or partial payment method. You can choose to use your credit balance or not.
      Example: You accumulated 500 points and have $25 credit balance. A new purchase of $75 can be partially paid with your points balance and the remainder with a payment method of your choosing.
    • Returns/refunds are obviously deducted from your balance as well as canceled orders.
    • Obviously, only purchases made at or our retail store are eligible to earn rewards ... seems silly we had to add this line in but .. yeah we have to.
    • Your points never expire.
    • If you shop with us in person at our retail store be sure to ask to have your website account and in-store rewards programs linked.
    • Horse & Kennel Warehouse may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the rewards program offered on this website at any time without prior notice.

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