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    Flex Rider Magnetic Shin & Tendon Wrap
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    SKU: SO-503
    Flex Rider Magnetic Shin & Tendon Wrap

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    Brand: Flex Rider
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    Deepest magnetic penetration available. Neodymium high energy rare earth magnets 20x more power than other magnets. Highest Guass & MGO rating for deepest penetratio... Read More


    Discontinued by Mfg. - No Longer Available
    Deepest magnetic penetration available. Neodymium high energy rare earth magnets 20x more power than other magnets. Highest Guass & MGO rating for deepest penetration. 1000 Denier nylon surface fabric. Poly-fleece lining for comfort while treating. Foam interior for added comfort. Elastic strapping and hook and loop allow adjustment to all leg sizes. Increases circulation. Speeds recovery process of swelling, arthritic discomfort, and minor fractures. Helps reduce inflammation. Help stimulate tissue after surgery or injury. Increases oxygen to injured area. Accelerates injury rehabilitation. Drug free. Safe and effective. Veterinarian recommended. Horse owners recommended. Eliminates pinfiring or blistering. Convenient and humane therapy. These wraps should be used for treating conditions where increased blood flow is required. It is recommended to treat both legs simultaneously to prevent problems to the non-injured leg. These boots should be used before or after competition, workout, or injury to warm up the area and help increase blood supply to the affected area and to help soreness. They should be used approximately 8 hours per day, starting treatment at 1 to 2 hours proceeding to 3 to 4 hours and working up to 8 hours per treatment. Check horses condition after each use, then apply as needed or as recommended by your veterinarian. Gradually reduce the time as symptoms lessen and your horse improves. It is recommended to have a veterinarian diagnose your horse before any treatment. They are not recommended to be used when the horse is being exercised or bathed. If used during workouts the horse could be further injured. They contain no chemicals and their neodymium rare earth magnets will last for many years. Store at room temperature with fleece to fleece side to prevent magnetic slippage and to achieve maximum treatment. Hand wash with mild soap or machine wash gentle cycle, cool water. Close Velcro when washing. Hang to dry. Do not apply if your horse has an acute untreated infection or injury. Cool thoroughly before use. Do not use on open wounds or injuries less than 24 hours old. Do not use to an area where paint or liniment has already been applied. Do not use if your horse has any metal pin implanted or a plate in the affected area. Consult your veterinarian if in doubt. Magnets my affect heart pace makers.
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