Blaster Horse Spray

Blaster Horse Spray
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Brand: Finish Line

Size: 4oz

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Blaster Horse Spray
Finish Line®’s Blaster® Horse Spray is a concentrated blend of seven natural essential oils in a water soluble base. The essential oils include: Citronella, Tea Tree Oils, Lemongrass, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Calendula and Thyme. Tea Tree, Calendula and Rosemary help promote healthy skin for your horse. Blaster® was formulated to be gentle on your horse’s sensitive skin, and safe, since it’s essential oils based. It has a pleasant lemon/rosemary scent. Laboratory tests show that the foil-sealed 4 oz. concentrate stays fresh while stored for long periods of time; as soon as it is opened and diluted, you have a very fresh and aromatic horse spray. Concentrates are economical, and save you money! For best results and to maintain peak freshness, we recommend using the entire quart of solution before making more.