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    Pony Grooming Kit
    Get all your young riders grooming tools at once. This handy set includes color coordinated, small sized hoof pick, mane comb, curry, dandy brush, body brush and cute pony sponge. All fitted into a reusable zipper plastic bag. Regular Price: $16.95
    Sale: $13.95


    Ordering from the Horse & Kennel Web Site

    Whether you're a new customer placing your first order or a experienced veteran of our site, we want to make sure that your ordering experience at Horse & Kennel Warehouse is as fun and easy as possible. Everything you need to know about the process is listed below.

    Finding the items you want
    Finding the items you want to order is a simple process. Products are arranged in categories found on the left side of the page. Click on a category name (Example: Fly Sprays) and you will see any sub-categories (Example: Concentrates) and products associated with that category. Categories list individual products with a thumbnail image and a brief description. Clicking on the image, product name, or the "Click for Details" button will send you to the product description page. The product description page will give a full description of the product, pricing, sizing and any possible options to order the product.

    You may also wish to use the "Search" feature that is shown at the top left of every page. Simply enter a product name or keyword in the Product Search box, press enter or click on the "Go" button to see the item or a list of items that match your search.

    Using the Shopping Cart
    Using the shopping cart is easy. Simply follow these steps:
    Find the item that interests you.

    Select any options that may apply to the the product, Size, Color, etc.. Enter the quantity of the item you want in the "Choose Quantity" box. The default quantity is 1. Click on the "Add to Basket" link. After clicking on the "Add to Basket" link, you will be taken to the Basket Contents screen. At this screen you may confirm that you have selected the correct item you wanted. You may also change the quantity by clicking on the "Update" button after you have made your change. You may also delete the item by clicking on the "Remove Item" button. To continue shopping click on your back button on your browser or the "Continue Shopping" button.

    At anytime during the shopping process you may "check-out" to finalize your order by clicking on the "Checkout" button at the top of the screen. At this time you will be directed to the account setup screen. Here you have three options. You may select to place your order without establishing a account, you may wish to create a new account (if you had not done so before), or you can login to your account if you had setup one on a previous vist. By establishing a account you setup a login name and password. You then enter your billing and shipping information. Once your account information has been entered you may return at anytime and login to your account and this will bring up the information from the first time you entered it. Establishing a account saves you time in regards to filling out required information in order to process your shipment. Your credit card information is not part of your account and will not be stored. You will have to enter credit card information each time you place an order. This assures your security while shopping on our site. Establishing an account is not a requirement for ordering. You may select the option "Express Checkout", in which case you will continue with the checkout process.

    The next step in the checkout process consists of the customer information screen. At this point you will see the items you have ordered. It is here that you will enter your billing and shipping information. Fields in bold are required fields. Should your billing address (where your credit card statement is mailed to) be different than the shipping information you may enter it at this time. You will also be prompted to "opt-in" to receive our Email newsletter. Should you not want to receive this, just click on the checked box to clear. We do not sell, rent, or distribute your email address to any outside sources. You may view our Privacy Policy Here. Click the continue button to move to the next step.

    The next screen you are directed to shows the shipping and billing information you entered along with the items you have placed in your basket. Confirm the information is correct. Should you need to make any change to your information, click on your browsers back button to return to the customer information screen to make any changes. Along with the customer information and products ordered, you will then see any shipping costs associated with your order and you will be prompted to enter the type of payment (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) you would like to make. Select your payment option, then click on the continue button. The next screen will show you the total order including any shipping charges or sales tax that may apply. You will be prompted at this time to enter your credit card information. After you complete this information click on the Submit button. This will bring you to the completed invoice screen. Here you should print the page and retain for your records. Your order number, date and time of order, and complete invoice will be shown here.

    Once your order is completed, you will receive a confirmation email from us confirming receipt of your order with all pertinent details. As soon as your order is shipped you will receive a confirming email with your tracking number. This will afford you the opportunity to track your order with the shipping company for delivery status.

    Should you have a question about an order you have placed or need assistance with our site you may contact us through one of our contact options listed below or click here.