Effax Leather Combi

Effax Leather Combi
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Effax Leather Combi
Effax® Leather-Combi is the optimum deep-cleaning product for your leather. Featuring a powerful, high-quality formula that conditions as it cleans, Leather-Combi is perfect for tough jobs and for giving your leather a deep, thorough cleansing. The penetrating, non-greasy formula can remove stubborn dirt, including dried sweat, dust residue, mud, grime, mold. and mildew. Nourishes the natural properties of the leather leaving it soft, smooth, and slip-resistant. Designed to be used without water, a little goes a long way. Leather-Combi is easily applied and gentle on leather, leaving it replenished and supple without any residue. Effax® leather care products are particularly effective when used in combination and, if required, your leather can be further treated with Effax® Leather Balm. 17 oz. Made in Germany.