Belly Balm

Belly Balm
Price:  $19.50


Brand: Tail Tamer

Size: 16oz

Discontinued - No Longer Available

Belly Balm
Belly Balm's thick formula coats the underbelly area and does not sweat off as quickly as sprays. Smooth, beneficial ointment provides a protective barrier from summer irritants and pests, with its combination of ingredients that ward off insects. Gel-like salve contains soothing aloe vera to help heal bites in tender underbelly areas. Belly Balm's thick consistency forms a barrier against biting insects using natural ingredients such as peppermint, eucalyptus, cedar, and citronella. Smooth Belly Balm under belly or on tips of ears to repel gnats and bothersome, disease-carrying insects. Lanolin-based balm also helps hold vital moisture in the skin, while Vitamin E supports skin health. Pleasant aroma. Made in the USA.