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Special 2-Pack Promotional Package
Individually Priced at $19.95 ea
Promo 2-Pack Price: $23.95

New Eqyss Promotional 2-Pack

Premier Color Intensifying Natural Botanical Shampoo
Premier Natural Botanical Shampoo is the only equine shampoo that leaves the hair shaft completely clean, not coated with wax, oil, petroleum by-products, silicone or synthetic polymers which are found in all other equine shampoos, thereby letting the hair accept more moisture from the air. Absolutely the finest shampoo ever made.

Premier Color Intensifying Natural Botanical Rehydrant Spray
Premier Natural Botanical Spray can be used daily, but especially whenever you bathe or brush your horse. Itís a botanical rehydrant spray that does not coat your horseís skin or hair with wax, petroleum by-products, silicone or synthetic polymers. Premier Spray was developed specifically to bind moisture captured from the air to the coat over a 24 hour period. It is not slippery and does not attract dirt or dust. If the coat is not covered with silicones, waxes, or synthetic polymers, moisture goes through the hair to the skin, and the skin respirates as it should.

New - Natural Hoof Shoe - New

The Natural Hoof Shoe can be used in place of iron horse shoes-- will not change the gait. Simple to fit, carry one in the event a shoe is thrown. Gives great traction and reduces concussion. Great for trailering or riding on smooth or slippery surfaces. Great for use on stallions during service. Streams are no problem as this shoe has side vents. For the best fit measure diagonally from the corner of the heel to the corner of the toe. Round up your measurement. Machine washable. Sold as singles. Available sizes #0 - #3. $49.95 each.

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This lightweight saddle weighs just over 12 pounds and has a large bearing area to ensure rider weight distribution over a greater surface area. The CAIR Cushion System adapts to the horseís working muscles, provides even weight distribution, and eliminates pressure points. The Easy Change Fit-Solution allows the saddle to be fitted to a wide range of horses, and the adjustable Y-girthing system greatly improves saddle stability. Revolutionary FlexiContourbloc offers customized support and exceptional security in the saddle, while the roomy seat allows for position changes during long rides. An adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar enables closer contact, maximizes comfort, and allows for better balance in the saddle.

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M. Toulouse
Ventilated Pro Half Chap
High Spanish top for elegant professional look and fit. Soft full grain natural leathers with inner calf reinforced for duability. Heavy duty YKK side zippers for easy on and off. Snap flap bottom for security and style. Stretch leather skirt over instep. Elastic back panels for a contoured fit.
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